Concerning Implications from Less Appreciated Data

Timothy Bilash MD MS FACOG - June 2021

Are we missing the forest for the trees from marketing slogans in the latest Pandemic? The issue of selective data exclusion - for instance reporting deaths on the date of report rather than the date of occurrence, is a most obvious clouding leading to those artificial peaks and dips in the graph.

The latest brainstorm is calling new COV-2 Cases {variant}, rather than {mutant}; this Newspeak word massaging perhaps to avoid the embarrassment of the previous pronouncements, "the only cure for the Virus is a vaccine". Not so much now? We already knew that RNA virus mutation limits the effectiveness of vaccination. We just choose to ignore bothersome actualities.

As well, COVID Cases are now reported only as percentage Variants, as a fraction of all COVID Positive Tests. Do we notice how the number of deaths are not thousands but tens now, while the percentages of 60% or more look frightening?

The following are troublesome facts that conflict with what we commonly heard about COV-2.

1) A Peak in Excess Deaths was also seen prior to 2020, as in 2017. This was prior to any COVID-19 Infections (Netherlands):

2) COVID-19 Deaths Accounted For Only 50% of Excess Deaths in 2020 in the Netherlands:

3) On average since 2010, Excess Deaths were already Increasing over the decade (in contrast to common assumption). The large 2020 Peak followed a preceding equally large 2019 Dip, maintaing an Average Linear Increase. Graphs restricted to only Years 2019-20 will thus be misleading (Netherlands):

4) Brazil shows the same Death Totals increase since 2010, in actuality since 1990.



5) Turning specifically to COVID-19, note that in the State of Wisconsin as an example,
COVID Deaths Peaked in November 2020 Before the New Year:



6) While Vaccinations in Wisconsin did Not Begin Until After the New Year:

7) WHO Finalized World COVID Deaths were actually Constant from April to October 2020, during the time that Cases were shown as Increasing:


8) After the Rapid Antigen Tests were widely used after October, World COVID-19 Cases and Corresponding Deaths went up, in unison. Both the linear rise and absence of a time lag or even preceding for deaths does not fit a pandemic process. The non-uniformity in testing confounded interpretation. Recall that these numbers are not perfect so smoothed trends are useful (note the sawtooth in these weekly reports).


9) Total Death Rate in the U.S. was actually decreasing before 2010, then reversed to increasing 2010-2020. The non-constancy makes determining baseline used to determined an excess problematic:


10) As well, Total Number of Deaths in the U.S. were constant before 2010, then started rising linearly. What factors since 2009 are causing this? We have explored some in past zoom seminars:


11) When compared to the rest of the world, US has higher COVID mortality and also higher Total Mortality Rates. Clearly there are other factors beyond COVID contributing to Death Numbers:

12) Analysis indicates that at much as 40% of "Excess Deaths" are NOT COVID:

13) Other causes need to be identified. Influenza Deaths have been increasing, adding 20,000 more a year than in 2010. And it is little known that Influenza Deaths are not required to be reported, so these Stats are incomplete. Testing only outpatients, or only ED or Inpatients, sick or not sick or all is not accuartely established. Resources were diverted from other tests to supply the COVID ones.


14) Drug Overdose Deaths have been increasing adding 30,000 more deaths a year since 2010.

15) Azheimers Deaths also contrbuted to the increase, many dying at home more recently.

--There remains many disturbing conflicts which need to be resolved--