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Online Videochat With Expert Physician-Scientist
Dr Tim Bilash MD in 40 COVID sessions


what is? DrTimDelivers - TimTalk

TimTalks, the ongoing weekly series to de-mystify COVID & Statistics,
most recently with readings from Nate Silver's book on Statistical Predictions, "The Signal and the Noise".

Timothy Bilash MD, MS, FACOG has dedicated his career since Graduate and Medical School to advancing Women's Health, exploring important basic science, research and medical topics that benefit women. He has gathered some of it at this website www.DrTimDelivers.com. Based on his well-demonstrated clinical expertise developed under amazing mentors, he identifies stark divisions and areas of misunderstanding which fuel the "taste great /less filling" and totally unsatisfying back-and-forth, "expert" recommendations for care that drive us nuts. One of his cherished skills is to be curious; to challenge his own beliefs; to say I don't know or accept where reality leads and facing the anxiety and fear that often creates head-on.
Most importantly to have faith in yourself and never give up.

Issues about the need for Estrogen and Progestin, dangers of Fructose and Oils, requirement for increased Protein and Natural Essential Fats in our Food, Viral Immunity, Vitamin D and Vitamin A as powerul anti-inflammatories and Immune Modulators, and now the unanticipated prize of Thyroid Dysfunction to address Chronic and Acute Disease; all have been presented ahead of the curve and supported by the subsequent evidence. You are invited to wander thru the "Endocrine Garden" displaying these rather beautiful, sometimes exotic biological flowers. Some might appear strange at first glance, such as in reviews of how to fund the Health Care we need. Your focused examination may be rewarded.

In an effort to provide better access for patients and providers, he conducts a new series of online video chats using Zoom conferencing technologies. Your discussion and questions are welcome.
It is provided without cost as is all information on his website since 2003.

At the start time, click on the link in BLUE above. Hopefully this will foster better discussions with your professionals and confidents. Medical advice is not offered, nor liability implied although all mistakes will be earnestly corrected. Honest inquiry, evaluation and informed opinion is the goal. Please be accepting that it is the efforts of one, independent, well-trained Physican. The production values will not be perfect, but the information I promise you is as close to that as it can be.


TimTalkBeta, and information on the DrTimDelivers Site, is not offering Medical Treatment. Do not believe you can self-treat or care for yourself without proper guidance. DrTim expresses the opinion that Medicine is really complex, suggesting providers who are trained in EpiGenetics, Physiology, Endocrinology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Dietary Nutrition, History, and Physical Diagnosis. That can be only provided by your responsible caretakers who legally have that authority. These are his efforts as an experienced Clinician and Researcher to bring attention to topics which are germaine, which means sometimes controversial. We hope the arguments provide you with tools to learn better and "make-ah" fun in your own life.

Tim Bilash
3/20/2020, 10/13/20
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